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Our company has been in successful operation for over 29+ years.  The foundation of our success is based on honesty, personal responsibility and a focus on serving people well.  Our high level of performance is evident everywhere, from how we communicate on the phone, to how we craft a dental restoration, to how we package and deliver the case.



Our artful work perfects their smile!

You can rely on our advanced training and expertise to give you reliable design options.  With Alpha 6, your crown and bridge cases will be more profitable and you'll achieve greater patient satisfaction for the artful work that perfects their smile!


We strive to be an educational resource to dentists, assistants, hygienists, and staff.  We provide high quality programs covering a range of topics relevant to today's clinician.  The ultimate goal of our offering is to support the delivery of excellent patient care and the success of the entire dental team.


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