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Our mission is to create consistent success for doctors and their staff.  We deliver superior quality dental restorations and provide outstanding personal service.  Our efforts result in smiling patients and extremely pleased clients.

Our focus is on consistent chairside success.  Our high level of performance is evident everywhere, from how we communicate on the phone, to how we craft a dental restoration, to how we package and deliver the case.

Our company has been in successful operation for over 29+ years.  The foundation of our success is based on honesty, personal responsibility and a focus on serving people well.


We focus on getting things right, so you can deliver a successful result, and be profitable. What matters most to Alpha 6 is your peace of mind, your profitability and your patient's satisfaction with our work.

For over 29+ years, Alpha 6 has provided superior dental lab services.  We offer state of the art laboratory systems

 consistent, fair-minded business practices


We have been in the dental business since 1971.  I started my career as a dental assistant then progressed into the dental lab field in 1972.  I acquired our dental lab business in 1984 and in 1996 moved to the west front street location we reside in.  My husband Tom and I have 3 wonderful children and 5 energetic grandchildren. 

As a dental lab, we truly enjoy working with the ALL our dentist and they have become longtime customers and friends.  Our laboratory is always open to new and current visits and we encourage all to stop by to see "whats new" in the dental lab technology field.

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